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Iron Orchid Designs

Iron Orchid Designs - IOD AIR DRY CLAY

Iron Orchid Designs - IOD AIR DRY CLAY

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Iron Orchid Designs - IOD AIR DRY CLAY is a beautifully soft and pliable clay specially formulated to work seamlessly with IOD Decor Moulds, allowing you to create intricate and detailed designs with ease.

  • 14oz / 400g size.
  • Made in Korea.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Contains wood pulp

With IOD Air Dry Clay, you can expect fine details to be captured accurately when casting with IOD Moulds. The clay dries to a vintage look and feel, perfect for adding that rustic charm to your projects. Although some shrinkage and cracking may occur as the clay dries, it only adds to the authentic and aged appearance.

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