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Stockton Farm

Mint Mojito Mason Jar Soy Candle 4oz

Mint Mojito Mason Jar Soy Candle 4oz

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Mint Mojito Mason Jar Soy Candle 4oz.

This refreshing scent will transport you to a tropical paradise with its cool and invigorating aroma, just like a classic mojito cocktail.

The rustic 4oz mason jar adds a farmhouse touch to your decor, while the natural cotton wick ensures a clean, even burn every time. Perfectly sized for a shelf or side table, or as a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Hand poured in Oregon, our candles are made using premium phthalate-free fragrances and 100% natural Soy Wax. This combination creates a cleaner burn with an incredible aroma that will fill any room.

To ensure the best results, remember to trim the wick to 1/4" before each use, and burn the candle long enough for the entire surface to melt and prevent tunneling.

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