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Sweet Pickins

Spray Gun for Milk Paint by Sweet Pickins

Spray Gun for Milk Paint by Sweet Pickins

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Yes you can spray milk paint with the Spray Gun for Milk Paint by Sweet Pickins!  It is a basic gun with just two adjustments, but we have found that the way it comes from the factory, is usually just right.

  • Ideal for milk paint, lacquer, stains, clear coats, enamels and latex. 
  • You'll need an air compressor and spray anywhere from 30-90 PSI.
  • Included: spray gun, wire brush, handle tooth brush, filter funnel and 1/4 NPT quick coupler plug.

For best results with milk paint:

  1. Add water to separate mixing container.
  2. Add equal amount of powder.
  3. Mix with an immersion blender for best results.  Be sure not to raise the blender up and down as not to incorporate too much air into paint.
  4. Let paint sit about 5-10 minutes to naturally thicken.
  5. Add water to paint a tablespoon at a time.  You will want the paint to be about the consistency of a runny melted milkshake.  Spraying will be easier the thinner the paint is, but you wont want to get it too thin as it wont cover well and it will run.  Too thick and it wont spray well.  It is recommended to strain the paint prior to adding to spray gun cup.  With this gun, we have not found that necessary if mixing with an immersion blender.  But, if mixing by hand, it will need to be strained.  Any clumps will clog up the nozzle and you will be constantly trying to unclog the gun.
  6. Adjust the viscosity of paint if needed to have a good spraying pattern.  Test on a scrap piece of cardboard/wood before spraying on your project.
  7. Spray in long even strokes and gently overlap each time you pass with the gun.  Remember to keep the gun moving at all times and not spray in one area too long or the paint will run.
  8. Spraying takes practice!
  9. Remember, when spraying you will use more paint than if brushing.  But, you will save time.
  10. Clean gun well to prevent the milk paint from sticking to the metal.
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