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Bungalow 47

Vintage Texture Chalk Paint Thickener by Bungalow 47

Vintage Texture Chalk Paint Thickener by Bungalow 47

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Vintage Texture Chalk Paint Thickener by Bungalow 47.

This product includes a scoop to make your painting experience even easier.
Available in small (1 cup) and large (4 cups) sizes.
This American-made thickener allows you to achieve a textured, vintage look with ease. Simply add the desired amount to your chalk paint and watch it transform before your eyes.
Whether you're painting furniture, decor, or other creative projects, Vintage Texture will add a touch of character and charm.

Directions for use:

  • Step 1 – Using the included scoop, add powder to paint. Two scoops per 8 oz. of paint will provide proper consistency. Increase or decrease amount to your preference. Mixture should be a consistency between cake batter and a thick frosting.
  • Step 2 – Apply mixture with brush, using a pouncing motion, creating peaks. Try applying in a variety of thicknesses. This will create more of an authentic crusted look. Allow to dry slightly, but not completely. Once most top areas are dry, use a rubber spatula or spackle knife to knock down and flatten the peaks, creating a textured look.
  • Step 3 – Once you have achieved your desired textured look, let it completely dry. Once dry, apply another coat of paint without texture added, in the same or different color. Experiment with a variety of looks and have fun with it! When all layers of paint have dried, distress using a medium to fine grit sandpaper to highlight the texture and reveal the layer(s) of color.
  • Step 4 – Buff with a clean, dry towel and seal using Junk Gypsy Clear Coat, if desired.

Style Tips:

  • Try adding black or white to lighten or darken your paint color to create monochromatic shades for subtle layering.
  • For a more bold ‘painted over time’ look, vary layers of color with brights and neutrals to create a crusted authentic look.
  • Add vintage texture in strategic spots on your piece, instead of covering the entire surface, to highlight corners and a few areas.
  • Further enhance flayers by using another color that has been thinned to create a wash. Wipe away excess.
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