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Apache War Pony by Perillo 1983

Apache War Pony by Perillo 1983

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This vintage collector plate, dating back to 1983, is in excellent condition, free of any cracks, chips, or wear.

Measuring 9.25 inches wide, this plate features a striking image of an Apache war pony, beautifully captured by the renowned artist Perillo. The colors are rich and vibrant, highlighting the intricate details of the horse's mane and tail, as well as its powerful physique.

This collectible plate is numbered 1191, making it a rare find for collectors. Additionally, it is signed by the artist, adding to its value and authenticity.

Whether displayed on a wall or added to a collection, the Apache War Pony by Perillo collectible plate is sure to be a cherished piece of art for years to come.

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