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Sweet Pickins

Dark Beeswax Furniture Wax by Sweet Pickins

Dark Beeswax Furniture Wax by Sweet Pickins

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Dark Beeswax Furniture Wax by Sweet Pickins.

2oz & 4oz size.

Our line of all natural waxes are perfect for protecting your milk painted pieces and giving them a soft, smooth feel.

Our Beeswax is made of all natural ingredients, it is completely solvent and VOC free.
Each one is individually hand poured and made with the best ingredients on the market.

Our waxes can be buffed to a low sheen or a high shine.

Use dark waxes to give your pieces an aged, antique look. The wax can either be applied all over like a glaze, or can just be concentrated in the corners or details of the piece for a “dirty” look and to highlight the details. This wax can be applied over a layer of clear wax for a lighter look, or can be applied straight over the milk paint for a more saturated/dirty look.

Our waxes are free of any drying agents, so you have plenty of time to work with the wax.

Made in the USA.

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