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Sweet Pickins

Sweet Pickins Top Coat Final Finish - Satin

Sweet Pickins Top Coat Final Finish - Satin

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Top Coat Final Finish is one of the highest quality, low toxicity water based finishes on the market and is a great alternative to solvent based products. Can be used on cabinets, floors, doors, toys, etc.

  • Satin finish.
  • Available in 4oz sample, pint, quart and gallon size.
  • Approximate Coverage: Pint covers 44 sq ft.
  • Water based, non-toxic.
  • May not protect against certain kitchen oils.

Use over milk paint or stained/raw wood for a durable and abrasion resistant finish. 

Top Coat Final Finish will NOT even out the mottled, streaky appearance that milk paint is known for or change/deepen the color (for that, use an oil based finish such as our Oil Wax). This product will seal the milk paint but keep the exact look of raw paint.Matte finish. Perfect over milk paint to keep the chalky, flat look. Also great over wood to keep the raw look without deepening the color.

  • Increases washability.
  • Keep from freezing.
  • Do not apply below 55˚ F or in humid conditions.
  • Test before using over a large surface of a dark paint. Product may dry slightly white/cloudy if applied to thick or in a humid environment.
  • Water clean up.
  • Interior use only.
  • Formulated without formaldehyde preservatives, toxic mildewcides or fungicides.
  • Can be used over chippy milk paint if applied in thin coats. A light sand after the 1st coat has dried may be necessary if any of the paint has raised before proceeding with a 2nd coat.
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