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DIY Paint

Vintage Pink Cottage Color by DIY Paint

Vintage Pink Cottage Color by DIY Paint

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Vintage Pink Cottage Color by DIY Paint.

Size 16oz. Covers approximately 25 square feet.

The perfect solution for a quick and easy furniture makeover. This water-based heavy-duty furniture paint is specifically designed for interior use, making it the ideal choice for giving your furniture and home decor a fresh new look.

With zero VOCs and solvent-free formula, DIY Cottage Color Paint is not only eco-friendly but also safe to use in any room of your home. This one-step paint eliminates the need for extra sealing and is perfect for heavily used surfaces like tables, chairs, and more.

One pint of Cottage Color Paint will cover approximately 25 square feet, and it can be diluted with water (max. 10%) to maximize coverage and minimize waste. To ensure optimal results, make sure the surface is clean, dry, and free of grease and penetrating substances. Remove any loose coats of old paint or lacquer and lightly sand in between coats.

DIY Cottage Color Paintdries quickly, with the first coat taking approximately 12 hours to dry before sanding and the second coat becoming touch dry after just 1 hour, depending on the temperature. If necessary, spot priming or a third coat may be required for a stronger color difference, but generally, one coat is sufficient.

Store DIY Cottage Color containers tightly sealed in a cool, frost-free place to maintain its shelf life of one year when unopened. Keep any unused paint for later use to minimize waste and reduce the product's environmental impact.

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