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DIY Paint

White Wax by DIY Paint

White Wax by DIY Paint

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White Wax by DIY Paint.

Available in 4oz and 13.5oz sizes, this wax is perfect for adding a beautiful white finish to your painted surfaces.

To use, simply allow your DIY Paint to dry completely before applying the White Wax. Use a wax brush or lint-free cloth to apply a thin, even layer of wax. The surface may appear uneven or translucent at first, but don't worry – it will even out as it dries.

Once the wax has dried, buff it with a soft cloth to achieve a beautiful hard sheen. Finished surfaces should be kept free of moisture and extreme use for a week or more to allow the wax to fully cure or harden.

Made with love and only five ingredients – beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, ceresin wax, isophar, and pigment – our White Wax is a fast-drying, low VOC furniture wax that's safe and easy to use. Get the beautiful finish you want with DIY Paint's White Wax. DO NOT FREEZE!

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