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Sweet Pickins

Sweet Pickins Tung Oil Pure

Sweet Pickins Tung Oil Pure

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Sweet Pickins Tung Oil Pure is ideal for wood finishing and compliments milk painted finishes perfectly.

  • Available in 4oz sample, pint, quart and gallon size.
  • Covers approx. 50 sq ft per pint.
  • 100% pure, all natural, high grade.
  • Hard drying.
  • Does not contain any drying/thinning agents.
  • Matte luster hand rubbed durable finish.
  • 100% food safe after curing! (about 2 weeks).

Pure Tung Oil can be built up with additional coats for an even tougher and more water resistant finish.

Unlike other finishes that sit on the wood’s surface, Tung oil penetrates deep into wood fibers and when cured actually becomes part of the wood itself.

No sanding, no brush marks, runs or streaks, water & alcohol resistant. Rubs In like an oil, dries hard like a varnish!

Tung Oil is the perfect sealer to use on outdoor furniture that has been painted with milk paint or to refresh Teak!

Tung Oil is great for any species of wood. Recognized by craftsmen to be the ultimate drying oil for all fine woods, furniture and antiques. Works great for cutting boards and wooden toys!

Tung Oil penetrates and seals concrete floors and counter tops for a matte luster, non-slip surface.

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